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Bachata Sensual Classes // Latin Vibes

Velkommen til Bachata Sensual i Kildevæld Kulturcenter!

Dette er for alle, der går rundt med en indre dansemus eller en fascination af bachata. Bachata er en social danseform, der opstod i Den Dominanske Republik i 1960’erne.

Det sker der
Gennem 10 undervisningsgange, guider Birgit Kool, Jonathan Bendtsen og Emad Opalle dig gennem de forskellige elementer og teknikker, som bachata sensual består af. De giver dig det, du skal bruge for at føle dig mere selvsikker på dansesgulvet og udtrykke dig selv gennem bachata. Alle kan være med, og der undervises på flere niveauer. 

18.00-19.00 - let øvet v. Birgit & Emad
19.05-20.05 - begynder v. Birgit & Jonathan/Emad
20.10-21.10 - nybegynder v. Birgit & Jonathan

Foregår vi MobilePay til 888709.
Hvis du bare skal med en enkelt gang, så skriv gerne en e-mail i forvejen. 

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Undervisningen er som hovedregel på engelsk. Læs mere om underviserne nedenfor.

This is for all of you walking around with a dream of learning or improving bachata sensual. Your amazing teachers will be Birgit Kool, Jonathan Bendtsen, and Emad Opalle.

What will happen
Through 10 classes, the teachers will guide you through the different elements and techniques of bachata sensual and give you the foundations you need in order to feel comfortable and express yourself on a social dancefloor.
We will adapt the teaching to each individual, so everyone gets feedback according to his or her own level.

18.00-19.00 - Intermediate w. Birgit & Emad
19.05-20.05 - Improver w. Birgit & Jonathan/Emad
20.10-21.10 - Beginner w. Birgit & Jonathan

Payment is done via MobilePay to 888709.
In case of drop-in, please write to us in advanced.

How to sign up
Write to latinvibesdk@gmail.com, on Facebook or Instagram.

You can sign up alone or with a partner. We will be switching partners in class, but if you prefer to stay with the same partner, that's perfectly fine too. Your spot is secured once you have MobilePayed the correct amount to 888709.

Your teachers
Birgit Kool is an exciting and higly skilled dancer from Estonia. With teaching experience from a lot of dance schools and many years in the game, you can rely on her to improve you as a dancer in every aspect. She started dancing in 2000, mainly focusing on show dance and cheerleading. Her passion for dancing expanded in 2016, finding its way to bachata. She brings power, elegance, playfulness, and tremendous styling to her following.

Emad Opalle is one of the great leaders on the Danish bachata scene, and we're lucky to be able to take his classes now, as he just moved to Copenhagen! He's been teaching for many years in Aarhus and also at international festivals. Known for his good leading, musicality, originality and great repertoire of moves, he's the perfect match to guide you through the intermediate level.

Jonathan Bendtsen is already a veteran performer and has tons of experience in the spotlight, where he is used to entertain crowds not just with cirkus and acrobatics, but also incorporating elements of various dance styles ranging from break/street styles over modern/contemporary, and of course he has also been on stage with bachata and salsa. From the past four years he has teaching experience in bachata, salsa, kizomba, and zumba, and is popular for his funny and entertaining style of teaching. With a natural flair for body movements and vast knowledge of the body ranging from such different contexts as acrobatics all the way to physiotherapy, just to name a few, he's the perfect teacher to learn bachata from.


You are invited to a free trial class at the beginner level by sending an email to latinvibesdk@gmail.com


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